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Shining The LYYHT On The Sabbath - Shabbat ha Kodesh
Understanding Why The Shabbat Is So Critical For Obedience To Our Faith.

The Sabbath or Shabbat in Hebrew is a very interesting topic for me. The incredible power and influence of Roman Catholocism never ceases to amaze me. But what amazes me more is how people continue to do these things, to follow these traditions of men, without questioning or testing their origins and credibility. Equally amazing to me is how you can share the truth with people but they still continue to stay in their old ways which are obviously the traditions of wicked and pagan men. Am I suprised? No. After all they did Yahushua and the prohets the exact same way because their teachings were so radically different than what they were accustomed to.

No true Beliver should worship on Sunday.
Sunday is not and never has been Shabbat.

Most biblical names had specific meanings and mankind was never given any Divine authority to change any of them. Even sa'tan and his demons have names that can invoke the power of darkness when used the right way. That is why both the Father (Yahuwah Elohim pronounced yah oo wah elohkeem) and the Son (Yahushua ha Mashiyach pronounced yah oo shoouh ha masheeahk Click Here to hear it pronounced) changed several individuals names in scripture whenever they saw fit and all of their new names had specific meanings. If names were not important, their names would have simply remained as they were.


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