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...is to introduce the real seeker of Truth to the ABSOLUTE Truth of both the physical and the spiritual so that he/she can become a true Believer and follower of the Light of the world, the fulfilled version of the original gospel of Truth taught and shown to mankind by our Mashiyach and his disciples personally. As scripture states, we're at war for our souls in the spiritual realm as witnessed in the physical realm. and The LYYHT is building a Learned and supernaturally powerful army of Mashiyach Soldiers as one unified, blinding Body of Light waging war on the armies of darkness. Our mission will succeed.

"Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and
glorify your Father in heaven."
Matit'Yah (Matit'Yah) 5:16

What We Believe and Hold True...
Our calling is to fully arm all Believers for battle against the powers of darkness in this world and to prepare all Believers for our savior's promised return. Take a good look around and you will realize that right now today, this is the 11th hour and Mashiyach's return is any moment now. We will reintroduce Believers to the old way which is the good way; the true and perfect example of righteous living and worship taught to us by our savior, the son of Elohim himself and his disciples millennia ago. We will divulge great Divine knowledge, wisdom and many great mysteries for those whom the Father and Son have designated as worthy of such pearls of information for growth in absolute truth toward salvation.

Being a Mashiyach Soldier of LYYHT is a modern yet biblically accurate combination of ancient Hebrew teachings (Old Testament - the very heritage of our Mashiyach) and the actual teachings of him and his disciples (New Testament). This is the ultimate consolidation of all the scriptures (from the bible and other scriptural sources hidden by wicked men) for the final fulfillment of scripture and preparation of those who believe that Yahushua is the one and only savior of mankind. There is nothing easy about being a true Mashiyach Soldier. The life and unending work of a Soldier is arduous with the victory and reward coming only in death and entry into the afterlife. Death in Yahushua is the ultimate goal and when our glory and true life will be found and enjoyed for eternity.

To crucify your old self and transform or be reborn into a new creation in Yahushua in preparation of the return of our Mashiyach to gather up his "Body", we firmly and irrefutably believe that true Believers and followers of the Light...

  1. Do not call themselves the disrespectful and derogatory pagan term "Christian". We are Believers, Messianic Hebrews, Yahudim, followers of the Way just as they were until around 300AD when wicked men perverted and changed the truth into lies and through persecution forced the true Believers underground.

  2. Attest that Christianity as a whole including Catholicism and its spin-off Protestantism comprised of a multitude of variations is fully pagan in origin and to its core and in no way coincides with scripture. When considered carefully and in full context of scripture, it is clearly based on the ancient wicked traditions of men and boldly contradicts scripture, omitted books of scripture, Yahushua and his his disciples.

  3. Believe that "Apostle" Saul/Paul was a liar and a fraud and his writings the clever works of the devil. Paul was an anti-mashiyach (anti-christ) and his writings were added to canon to perpetuate the deception of Chritianity and allow them to rise to and secure power with confusing, controversial, contradictory and wicked doctrine. Multitudes have been led into the Whore of Babylon worldwide, the false religion-based faction of the devil's prophesied Beast system. There is undeniable proof to these facts all over scripture and through careful observation of the goings-on of the world today.

  4. We believe the scriptures make up far more that 66 books, even with Paul's 13 epistles removed. There were several books mentioned in scripture that were ommitted from canon (Enoch, Jubilees, Jasher, etc.) and kept private by the Councils of Nicaea, Trent and other sources intentionally in order to support a hidden agenda of control. Most of these missing books are locked away in the inaccessible Vatican archives, but remnants of the originals were hidden and have been slowly emerging to introduce us to the truth thanks to the Internet.

  5. Believe that Shemitic languages such as Hebrew and Aramaic are Elohim's and Yahushua's specific and official Kodesh languages as evidenced all throughout the scriptures. Greek is not. The original texts of the New Testament were not written in Greek as we've been led to believe.

  6. Our native tongue is irrelevant. We must use the true Hebrew names of the father, son and spirit. Not the Europeanized, transliterated versions of these Kodesh, critically important, and immensely powerful names. (A tremendous amount of emphasis was put on "names" all through scripture and for good reason. The last thing the adversary wants is for you to say the right names because of the incredible impact to ha sa'tan and his kingdom. Shining The LYYHT On Names)

  7. Believe that Yahushua is the only begotten son of Yahuwah Elohim and the sole savior of mankind from eternal damnation. We believe that he was born of a virgin, lived a life without sin, was crucified, and raised from the dead on the third day with infinite power in his hands. We believe he appeared before several witnesses on earth for a time and then ascended into shamayim in front of several witnesses. We also believe that Yahushua has not returned to speak to anyone for any reason (including Paul), just as he told us he would not.

  8. Believe in being baptized in the kodesh Hebrew names of Yahuwah (the Father), Yahushua (the Son) and the Ruach ha Kodesh (the Holy Spirit) as Yahushua commanded in Mattit'Yah 28:19.

  9. Believe in a full immersion water baptism in a natural body of water only. We are not to be baptized in manmade pools, tubs or tanks with chemically treated water. Our feet should be on the natural earth to connect us with the earth as in life and death.

  10. Believe that the combination of the confession and repentance of sins along with the baptism (symbolic of the crucifixion, death and resurrection) will begin the Born Again process taught in the scriptures and will signify the beginning of your becoming a new being in Mashiyach.

  11. Believe that the true Yahudim are from the House of Yisra'El (12 Tribes) and are Elohim's chosen people, not the Modern Jews, Ashkenazi, Edomites and other counterfeit sects as clearly proven in Hagilu Natan Elohim (Revelation) 2:9 and 3:9.

  12. We also firmly believe that the people globally known as African American (Black) primarily and other medium to dark-skinned people from the trans-Atlantic slave trade located all over the face of the earth are in fact the true Hebrew Yisra'Elites as clearly detailed in Devarim (Deuteronomy) 28. They are the Only group of people on earth fits this criteria explained therein. Furthermore, we believe that salvation belongs to the Yahudim first and then the Goy (Gentile) as Yahushua stated. Goyim (Gentiles) are in fact grafted into the family tree of the Yahudim and just like a family adopting a child, the child is therefore required to observe the Yahudim traditions, laws, commandments and true kodesh ways as the family does.

  13. Must abstain form all pagan holidays (pagan holy-days) just as the Yahudim do while partaking of all ancient Yahudim traditions and feasts as did Yahushua and his disciples. We do not celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, New Years day, Thanksgiving, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Halloween, Valentine's day, Saint Patrick's day and others. You do not have to look far to learn the true and ancient wicked origin of most of these days going back thousands of years to their pagan roots. Their current alleged "meaning" is irrelevant. We do observe, Pesach or Passover, Shavuot, Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Sukkot, Hanukkah, Purim and many more.

  14. Should follow the ancient lunar calendar of the Yahudim not the satanic Gregorian solar calendar of the pagans.

  15. Should keep the commandment of Shabbat (sabbath) on the seventh day of the week not the first day. Shabbat is from Friday at sundown to Saturday at sundown.

  16. Believe that Mashiyach will come again as promised to judge all of humanity and rule the earth.

  17. Believe the Rapture (not as Paul presented) is real, literal and will be taking place in the very near future to fulfill scripture. Yahushua's patient and prepared soldiers will be taken to be with him forever.

  18. We believe in a mid-tribulation Rapture which is contrary to traditional teachings on the subject. A close analysis of the scriptures proves that pre-trib is a misinterpretation and the truth points to Yahushua removing his saints from the midst of tribulation as happened with Noach and Lot.

  19. Must fully and sincerely repent and confess all sins to our Father in Shamayim. Not to man.

  20. Must Fast the traditional ways according to scripture for supernatural power and physical well-being.

  21. Must adhere to all Yahudim Laws and Commandments in scripture as a fulfillment of the scriptures as spoken of by Yahushua. This includes the observance of all Yahudim holidays, the Yahudim calendar, honoring all Yahudim dietary laws, and everything else.

  22. Must stay away from ALL liberal, left-winged teachings and traditions that are against Elohim and his son and are pagan and wicked in origin, history or practice.

  23. Must always study the scriptures and the mysteries of this world to grow as a Believer and to more effectively be about our father's business.

  24. Believe that the term "saved" is future tense and can never be considered past tense. No one can be "saved" until either a person 1) dies a physical death or 2) he/she is raptured from this earth.

  25. Believe the process of becoming "born again" and then ultimately "saved" collectively occurs in two phases. Phase 1 is the Belief and Confession phase. Phase 2 is the growth through Righteous Living and Fruits phase (Faithfulness and Obedience). Both phases are necessary to become true Believers and only true Believers will receive eternal life at its fullest.

  26. Believe that the earth is Flat and a circle just as told to us throughout scripture. That there's an inpenetrable firmament in the sky above separating the waters above from the waters below. There is no "space" as told to us. What we call "space" is actually an unimaginable amount of water. There are no planets. There are only stars and wandering stars, orbs of light and energy within the waters of heaven. We don't live on a spherical planet, we live on a flat plane as in air-plane with a horizon as in horizontal.

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