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Enlyyhtenment On Holidays (Yom Tov) and Birthdays...

This is a very important topic that needs to be understood and put into practice. As Believers who have our root beliefs in The Way that was paganized into Christianity, which is actually dressed up Roman Catholicism, you will continue to find that there are things that we should be completely separated from. This is not an option, it is a commandment. Birthdays and Pagan holidays fit this criteria.

As you begin your transition from whatever you believe to a true Believer and follower of The Way. You will realize that the majority of your life will change dramatically while the underlying foundation of faith in the Son of the Most High will remain the same. You are definitely in the right neighborhood, now we just have to get you on the right street headed in the right direction to true salvation.

Make no mistake about it, separation from the pagan and wicked traditions of men is critical for your salvation. You have to talk and walk according to The Way. And this point was made clear all over scripture numerous times. We must be kodesh (separated) [not the pagan word holy] for your father in shamayim is kodesh. Read the verse in the top-right corner of this page for a little more clarification of the importance of being kodesh. This new you is the true essence of being "born again" and being a true child of our father in shamayim. This is an ongoing process after the initial act. If you fail to do this, we are referred to as a child of sa'tan in scripture and in due time you will endure the wrath of Elohim prepared for the devil and his angels.

Having open ears, open eyes, soft hearts, true humility, respect of the father and son, and the desire to please the father in a spirit of obedience is the key to the action aspect of salvation.

Personal Holidays aka Birthdays:

  1. Should Believers Celebrate Birthdays?

Pagan Christian Holidays:

  1. The Truth About Christian Holidays
  2. The Truth About Christmas
  3. The Truth About Easter
  4. The Truth About Halloween
  5. The Truth About Mother's Day
  6. The Truth About Valentine's Day
  7. The Truth About Saint Patrick's Day
  8. The Truth About Thanksgiving

Believer Holidays (Yom Tovim):

  1. Shabbat — The Sabbath
  2. Yom Kippur — The Day of Atonement
  3. Pesach — The Passover
  4. Rosh Hashanah — The Yahudim New Year
  5. Hanukkah — The Festival of Lights
  6. Aseret Yemei Teshuva — The Ten Days of Repentance
  7. Sukkot — The Feast of The Tabernacles

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